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Video of Dr. Bornstein and Dr. Haggerty

The NIMH Funds a Testing Revolution

Working together, Derner students, faculty and alumni are changing the field of psychology.

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Meet Our Faculty

Christine Coughlin ’78, Ed.D.: A Passion for Teaching

An Adelphi University graduate and an Adelphi associate professor for 10 years, Dr. Coughlin relishes sharing her expertise and experiences with students in the College of Nursing and Public Health. “You’re a nurse all the time, not just while you’re working. It’s really the difference between a profession and an occupation.”


Student Spotlight

Kathleen Brush: Adapting with Technology

A mother of four, Kathleen Brush is pursuing a master’s in what she is passionate about—healthcare informatics.


Alumni Success Stories

Dr. Elvin T. Ramos ’06, M.A. ’07

“I love teaching and empowering my students. My Adelphi professors made such a difference in my life. This is my way of paying it forward.”

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Alumni Events

March 30, 2015 Sports Concussion Symposium Symposium A lecture and panel discussion on sports concussions.


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